Grim Confections

by Cindergarden

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"For anyone who's a fan of dark Electronica the name CINDERGARDEN should be indelibly imprinted on your brain. If it's not, it's likely to be because you haven't yet heard the groundbreaking machinations of one Jaymie Valentine, the brains and brawn behind the whole concept, who, as well as turning out some of the most startlingly original and innovative music also turns out to be a very interesting lady. (Grim Confections) is a very brave album, being well produced, well performed and thoughtfully composed. The vocals are absolutely beautiful and it never once misses its mark being a real pleasure for anyone who likes their music eerie, dark, sinister and cleverly conceived."

----Reflections of Darkness, written by Maddi Isaacs

Garnished with intricate layers of beats and saturated with millions of tiny luxurious details, electronic producer and vocalist Jaymie Valentine projects her 2010 vision through a candy-coated lens a continuously shifting and demented playland where mean and thrilling beats give way to lovely icy melodies. Ritualistic towering cakes set the scenes of destruction and nothing is what it appears to be...

"Grim Confections is an amalgamation of genre influences from all spheres of electronica, with poison sprinkles and a pop surrealist cherry on top. This album is full of imagery and stories supporting the album’s theme that 'things are not as they appear to be,' and the lyrics of tracks like 'Gingerbread' tell a chilling allegorical tale of Candyland gone mad. As a composer, [Valentine] utilizes sounds and stylistic aspects from IDM, dubstep, glitch, and breakcore, avoiding the played out goth-industrial sounds and structure. Welcome to the new age of darkness; a bright, seductive, neon darkness." -- Flash Flood Media


released February 14, 2010

Produced, recorded, performed by Jaymie Valentine
Mastered by Lee McCartney
Album Artwork by Allison Meireding



all rights reserved
Track Name: Has Arrived
Track Name: Candles On A Cake
All the things you see like candles on a cake
Will melt, go out
All the things you know will never be the same
Blow out blow out

All wrapped up shiny and new
Weaving a web full of promise
Pop the balloons
The eyes begin to glaze

Haunting songs you'll sing of broken toys
Imaginary fun
All these things you'll touch
And pin the tail on...
Ice cream blood will run

Rocking horses
Madness in the clown
Devious musical chairs
A dangerous game in the air
Blindfold dizzy
Foaming at the mouth
Coming apart, beware
Dangerous games in the air
Track Name: Hex
Vision into fate

A poison in the mind

Now the devil's way

Future is designed

You're under a spell, a spell

You don't see it right now

You will

Invisible cords pull you along

The ways are contrived

The frequency is wrong

Reveal reveal reveal

Behind the picturesque

Mark you with a stain

Numb you for a price

Signal sending bane

Trance to help entice

Yes it's coming in clear

You must discharge the energy

A potion will do the trick

This vial will make you see

The ways are contrived

The frequency is wrong

Don't know who you are

Or where you belong

Accepting transmission, confusion

Violent pieces broadcast static

Channeling wash the brain

New data in the soul


Track Name: Sheep
You are lost

Damaged beyond repair

The dead soul department

All my dears,

I've lost you and I know you can't survive

The world is big and full of fright

You haven't got half the mind

There's no hope for you

It's the end...

"Leave 'em alone and they'll come home and bring their tails behind them"

You are lost you are lost

You poor things have gone astray

I know that you are blind

Following a naughty road

Domino suicide

It's pathetic don't pretend...

"Leave 'em alone and they'll come home and bring their tails behind them"

I surrender

You are not mine to mend

One day you'll wash ashore

Lifeless on forgotten sand

All is wasted

Dig your grave

"Leave 'em alone and they'll come home and bring their tails behind them"

The dead soul department

You are lost
Track Name: The Beat Inside
They grow in the dark
It's poison, you know
It takes you further into...

A dream of endless falling
The beat inside is calling

They spread through my limbs
Veins of the earth
A little blood shared
A little rebirth
Compass of the heart
I know I've gone wrong
Teach me how to move again
Make me strong

Come out to play
It's waiting for you
Lurking all around by the light of the moon
Turn another key
Go in deeper
The soul gets stranger

La La La La La
La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La
La La La La La La

"Boys and girls come out to play
The moon doth shine as bright as day
Leave your home leave your sleep
Join your playmates in the street
Up the ladder and down the wall
There's enough to serve us all"
Track Name: Gingerbread
Looking outside
Through the frosty window
We know something's behind gingerbread houses
The lie the game that holds us until
The ones that hide are done making candy coffins

Abusing the condition
Abusing the gingerbread

Dig rape slice kill
This will destroy
Hunt take violate
And we all fall down

Get the cherry on top

Watching from a tower
All of the King's men
Taking all the gumdrops

Blood in candy land

Sorrow icing covers the trail
Brittle bones screaming
It's a game of pretend

Dig rape slice kill
This will destroy
Hunt take violate
And we all fall down
Track Name: Pop Up
Glow worms light the way
Into the strange
Violet dusk of cellophane

Popping up popping up popping up
Popping up popping up popping up

Fiber-optic display
Vines of Paper Mache
Ever growing in shape
Over peaks that radiate

Popping up popping up popping up
Popping up popping up popping up

Tripping on a swirl
It's a trap
Get out get out get out!
What's there in the distance?
Snap out of the paralysis

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Wonders to distract you
Keep you from the horizon
Uncover this twilight

Crackle appear
Velvet meadows near
Stepping into the queer

Bound for eclipse

Popping up popping up popping up
Popping up popping up popping up
Track Name: Playthings
Grim confections
Pull string meat
Only playthings
For God to eat

Grim confections
Pull string meat
Crimson playthings

What's wrong inside the toy factory?
A sinister glow lights up the sky

The stuffed animals became cannibals
(I know it sounds absurd but they weren't made of stuffing...)

Funny how demented bunnies are all the rage

Grim Confections
Wind up treat
Morbid playthings
For God to eat

Grim confections
Only playthings
Only meat

"There's a land that I heard of..."
Track Name: Mesmerize
Secret damage
Sugar and Spice
Layers of empty fluff
Sweet tooth rotting

Art of deception

It's all part of the show

We'll spin your head around
Give you a triple dose
We are moth and flame
And we are getting close

Funhouse mirror
Power of suggestion
Crystal plumage

Art of deception
Track Name: One More Drop
One more drop and I am small
I am in this too part of it all
Through the fabric of the mind
To the darkest void I can find

All around begins to rise
The dream awake cuts you down to size

One more drop and I am small...

One more drop and I am lost
I will name this trail
My Damage Cost
Track Name: Rainbow's End
Innocent eyes
Bloody hands

Death can't hide at Rainbow's End

Neon roses on the grave
Sweetest dreams never made

Hidden toy surprise inside
One more perfect little lie
Evil in a fun disguise
Sugar painted in the skies

Precious kill
Glitter tears
Murdered colors disappear
Heart of darkness, it can grow
Pull it out watch it glow

Nothing was what it seemed

Tricky smiles secret doom
Blinded by the brightest gloom
Through the tunnel access gained
Feel the sparkle in decay